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How can my child become a WALKER/EAST LAKE PARK?  

Please go to the office and complete a walker form.  Notify the teacher of the change as soon as you are ready.


When is spring break?

For the academic year 2020-2021, spring break week is March 15-March 29.

When is the last day of school?

·         School year 2019-2020 will end on Friday, June 4, 2021. 


What time is dismissal?

·         Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday it is 3:00 PM.

·         On Wed. it is 2:00 PM.

What time does the tardy bell ring?

·         Warning bell rings at 8:15 AM and the tardy bell rings at 8:30

·         The student should be in the classroom seated and ready to work at 8:30


How do I sign my child out of school?

·        Please go the Front office, show identification, and your child will be called to the front office.

·         So that children do not miss out on valuable class time, we are unable to call children to the front office until their parent/guardian has arrived in the office to sign the student out.

·         Students cannot be signed out of school after 2:30PM (1:30 PM on Wednesdays); they will need to wait until regular dismissal time.  This is to ensure the campus remains as organized as possible as we guide over 900 students through the dismissal process.

What is a Pre-arranged Absence and how do I get one?

·         We are no longer doing pre-arranged absences. If you know your child will be out of class for more than a couple of days, get with their teacher(s) to determine make-up work and or tests.

·         Send in a note to the front office explaining why your child was out. 

What if my child has to miss school due to illness or appointments?

·         If your child misses school due to illness, please write a note to the teacher explaining briefly why your child was absent.

·         If they were out for an appointment, please get a doctor’s excuse from their office or show proof that you were there. It will be excused.


(For ELC Members) When do you start charging for late pick up?

·         If the student is not picked up at 6:05pm, a $5 family fee is assessed. 

·         For every minute after 6:05pm, $1 a minute is charged.


How much is school lunch?

·         Lunch will be FREE this year for all Lake County Students. 

·         You may send money in with your student to purchase extras such as ice cream, chips, cookies, etc.

·         Please sign up at to add money to your child’s online account for snacks if you wish. You will need your students ID number which you can find on Skyward or call the office with your security code and they can assist.  


How do I become a chaperone or volunteer?

·         You must fill out a Volunteer Application on the Lake County Schools website.  Next, inform Mrs. North that you have completed the application.  

·         Once submitted, a link will come to your e-mail from lake county schools. Print out the background verification form and sign and return to the school. You may also get this form from Mrs. North at the school.

·         You will then be required to have your finger prints taken at a location that will also be sent to you through e-mail.

·         It will take 3-4 weeks for processing.


What must I do when I visit the campus?

·         At this time we are not accepting visitors for lunch, assemblies, etc. 


How do I make a transportation change for my student?

·         Please write a note to the teacher which includes:

o   Teacher’s name

o   Student’s full name

o   car rider or bus rider and

o   with whom (if bus, then the name of the bus and the stop)